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Shared sauna is super popular! And we totally understand why! You meet nice people and it is GOOD atmosphere. At shared sauna you share the sauna with others (hence the name..)
We do recommend you to pre-order shared sauna, as it can get fully booked.

NOK 100 on weekdays between 10.00-14.30
NOK 120 on weekdays before 10am and after 2.30pm, as well as at weekends.
NOK 75 for children under 14 years
NOK 195 (all times)
Your entrance is valid for 1.5 hours.
Membership costs NOK 300 a year. Become a member here.

Do you come often? Then you should buy a monthly card for NOK 450. Monthly cards can be purchased at the webpage.

Reserve a place? We recommend you book in advance, then you are guaranteed a spot. It is also possible to show up to buy at the location (but then you are not granted a place).

We have a shared sauna EVERY day at 7AM – 7PM  (some days until 10:00 PM), so if a time is not shown in the calendar it is fully booked. The number of places in parentheses in the calendar shows how many places are available.

We often release few tickets the day before. If you did not find the time you wanted, it’s a good idea to check again. The shared saunas open for bookings 21 days in advance, therefore places will not come up if you look far ahead.

Opening hours?
See bottom of the page (footer).

What do I have to bring?
Two towels and swimwear. Two towels = one to sit on in the sauna, and one for swimming. Preferably a drinking bottle. We have water.

Where are the saunas located?
We three locations. See map at the bottom of the page.

1.Sukkerbiten (very central, just beside the Munch Museum). This location has 8 saunas: Skarven, Anda,  Bispen, Havørnen, Måken, Albatrossen, Alken and  Ærfuglen. 

2. Langkaia / Bademaschinen (1 and 2), Snipa, Rådhuset and Isfuglen are located on Langkaia (with the view to the opera house).

3. Svarttrosten and Jurten are located at Kroloftet in Svartdalen. This is about 15 minutes  with bus from central Oslo (close by Helsfyr, Etterstad and Brynseng). No swimming possibility.

Is there access to a shower?
Yes! We have a cold fresh water shower.

Is it wardrobe?
Yes, we have simple wardrobes, for changing and storing clothes and bags etc. Bring your own lock if you want to lock your stuff.

Can I change the time of my booked single ticked? Will I get my money back if I can not come? Single tickets (dropin) are not refundable. You can change the time up to 72 hours before, via the link in the confirmation.

If you have a monthly or annual card, you can cancel and change the time yourself. You will find information on how to do this by email confirming the reservation.

Is dropin often canceled? Holidays?
It is very rare that we cancel. We are open on holidays and the like.

Sauna rituals?
Yes! We offer that! Every Wednesday and Friday at 5.30 pm. How to join? Reserve your spot at a ritual. You can find it at the calendar on the top of this site.

Age limit?
We have no age limit, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Children who participate must be able to swim. We have life jackets on loan (ask the sauna master if you need it). All bathing and sauna is at your own risk.

 Alcohol in the sauna?
Alcohol is not allowed in the shared sauna (except at Kroloftet, where you can buy alcohol in the bar Kruttverket). It is allowed in moderate amounts when you have private booking. NB: All bathing and use of the sauna is at your own risk.

Do I have to post a picture on Instagram and use #oslobadstuforening @oslobadstuforening?
No it is voluntary. But we and your friends will be very happy. In addition, we can promise you many likes;)