Shower, wardrobe, drinking water. Restroom on land

8 persons

Member NOK 1300. Non-member NOK 1600*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

Oslos first floating sauna

Built by sauna enthusiasts with driftwood from Bjørvika. If you’ve tested Måken once, you’ll surely love it. Those who rent the Måken come again and again.

When you rent Måken private, you have it for two hours.2 hours = including time for changing. 15 minutes before your booking is over, you will be asked to change.

When you rent Måken, there will always be a sauna master nearby who can assist if needed. Måken has a changing room and cupboard for storing clothes etc. and there is a shower on the jetty.

Welcome to a hot and original experience!