Oslo Sauna Association is a non-profit association that runs saunas in Oslo at Sukkerbiten, Bademaschinen on Langkaia, and at Kroloftet in Svartdalen, Etterstad.

Our story

Oslo Sauna Association was formed in 2016 by anarchists that joined up with diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ ice bathing club. It all started with the sauna raft Måken, which was built from driftwood found in Bjørvika. Since then, the popularity of saunas and ice baths has increased considerably.


Sauna to the people! We wish for everyone in Oslo to have access to high quality, hot saunas – whether you rent a sauna for your mum’s 60th, or turn up for a shared sauna session.

Operating model

The association is run non-profit, and any profits go back to developing our services further.

Anyone can become a member of the association. The membership fee is kr 300 a year. As a member, you have the right to vote at the general meeting and get to use the association’s facilities at a membership price.

Oslo Sauna Association is a member of “Frivillighet Norge” and “Bad, Park og Idrett”. We are registered in the Volunteer Register and on the Grassroots share of Norsk Tipping.

Employees and board

The association currently has 40 employees. All sauna masters have received lifesaving training. Our sauna masters have two members on the board. It’s important for us that our employees have good terms of employment.

Contact us

General inquiries


Ragna Marie Fjeld / General manager


95 70 37 34

Invoice address