Everyone can use our saunas, but you will save money if you become a member! A membership costs 300 NOK for one calendar year (2023).

This is your advantages as a member:

1. At shared sauna you pay NOK 120 (non-members pay 195,-)

2. At private bookings you save at least 300 NOK per booking

3. You can buy monthly pass (NB: often sold out)

4. Invitations to events and our annual meeting

5. Good sauna-karma 🙂

You will have to buy the membership first in order to get your discounts. Remember to register with the email you will use when you order sauna. You pay with Vipps or card. The membership is automatically renewed until you stop it.

Sauna subscription / monthly pass / SOLD OUT

Monthly pass at the shared sauna/drop-in sauna:

Come as often as you want to shared sauna (drop-in) for one month for NOK 450. To buy a monthly pass, you must be a member. A membership costs 300 NOK for a year.

No time restraint. The agreement runs until you stop it in Vipps  or send us an email (if you did pay by card). 

The subscription starts on the day you buy it and lasts at least one month (until you stop it).

You pay in Vipps  / by card when you buy the monthly pass subscription.

How to use the pass? You order dropin at the website as normal and use your e-mail (when buying: remember to enter the e-mail you want to use ordering dropin).

With a monthly pass, you pay nothing when you book single tickets and you can come as often as you want. The pass is valid at: Sukkerbiten, Langkaia and Kroloftet.