Welcome to a unique experience. We host sauna rituals every week.

A sauna ritual is guided, quiet sauna session, where you use all your senses. Herbs, fragrance and steam from the oven are often used. The body is alternately exposed to heating and cooling. Some rituals have elements of meditation and stretching, and some involve gently beating yourself with a bunch of leafy birch.

When and where?



Mondays 17:30-19:00

Instructor: Edwin

Quiet herb ritual

Wednesdays 16:30-17:30
Fridays 17:30-19:00

Instructor: Edwin


Morning meditation

Mondays 08:30-10:00

Instructor: Marie

Meditation and relaxation

Wednesdays 18:30-20:00

Instructor: Marie

Lunch meditation

Thursdays 11:30-13:00

Instructor: Marie

Extra long meditation

One sunday a month

Instructor: Jerome


Moon ritual

Every new and full moon
16:30-19:30 and 19:30-21:30

Instructor: Marie


Thursdays 19:30-20:00

Instructor: Edwin

What you need to bring

Swimming clothes, two towels and a waterbottle. For stretching, you’ll need an addition large towel.

Be on time

These rituals are guided «journeys», and all participants should be on board from the start. So if you’re late, you won’t be able to participate. The rituals are not suitable for children.


Rituals, 90 min

kr 250 / members

kr 350 / non-members

Rituals, 120 min

kr 350 / members

kr 400 / non-members


kr 175 / members

kr 250 / non-members

Your monthly pass is not valid for rituals. You can change your ticket up to 72 hours before the hour. Etter det kan ikke billetten endres. Unused tickets are non refundable.

Instructors and rituals

Edwin Cabascagno

Quiet herb ritual

The ritual at Bademaschinen is a guided event where body, heat and herb-scented steam all come together. Variations in temperature and cold water gives a cleansing sensation and helps improve circulation.


This ritual in the sauna Rådhuset at Langkaia is for everyone who enjoys stretching. Calm stretching and muscle relaxation lets you experience improved body awareness. The group may be divided into two to better benefit from the session – one half enjoys the sauna while the other stretches. Tea will be served. You’ll have to be able to handle sauna temperature in order to participate.


Khiwuay – herb ritual at Jurten. Amapuna Khiwuay is an expression from Kichwas, Ecuador which translates to «I’ll bring the herbs». This is a ritual focusing on various herbs and plants used in the sauna. The herbs give off a very particular scent when combined with steam.

Marie Kaada Hovden

Moon ritual

Moon rituals are held at Svarttrosten at Kroloftet every full and new moon. The ritual is scheduled to correspond with the lunar calendar. It’s a introverted sauna session where you’re guided through various meditation techniques and relaxation methods. Steam and herbs are utilised according to season, and song is used to coax the benevolent sauna spirits.

Meditation and relaxation

We offer meditation and relaxation at Sukkerbiten every wednesday night. We awaken all the senses, and catch a break from everyday life. Steam and seasonal herbs are utilised.