Drop-in costs 100 NOK for members and 150 NOK for non-members. For more information on drop-in, please check here. Membership costs NOK 100 NOK a year. You can buy it here.

Private booking: Måken costs 1200 NOK and has a space for 10 people. Skarven – 2000 NOK (16 people). Anda – 2000 NOK (16 people). Havørnen – 2000 NOK (14 people). Non-member pays 300 NOK extra for the booking. The sauna master is always at the sauna fleet to give you a warm welcome and information you need. Bookings are paid online, drop-in is upon arrival.

Covid-19 restrictions: due to restrictions we have a limited capacity for drop-in.

Information about Skarven, as well as calendar & booking can be found here.

Information about Måken, as well as calendar & booking can be found here.

Information about Anda, as well as calendar & booking can be found here.

Information about Havørnen, as well as calendar & booking can be found here.


50% refund for cancelations no later than 48 hours before the start of reservation. We kindly ask to move the booking for a new time instead of cancelling it. You can find a link to change the booking in your e-mail confirmation.


The saunas are located on Sukkerbiten. Right by the bridge to Sørenga. Search for Oslo Badstuforening in Google maps or see the map here.

Covid-19 restrictions

Read more about our Covid-19 restrictions here.

What to bring to the sauna?

Two towels, swimwear, sandals (some prefer woolen socks) and a bottle of water.

Do you have a shower?

We have a shower with cold water (works fine after hot sauna).

Changing room?

We have a changing room, for changing and storing clothes, bags and similar. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we allow a minimal use of the changing room.

How many people can saunas accommodate?

10 in Måken, 16 in Skarven, 16 in Anda and 14 in Havørnen. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have a limited capacity for drop-in.

How do I book?

Our booking calendar is always updated. Once you have booked a sauna, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail where you may have a further dialogue with the sauna master. Book sauna here.

Do I have to book drop-in?

No, it’s first come first serve principal.

How do I pay?

When you place an order, you pay with a card/VIPPS on the website.

At the drop-in, you pay to Vipps 98855 (Oslo Sauna Association) before you go to the sauna and show the proof of the payment to the sauna master. We also accept the cards.

Age limit?

We have no age limit but children must be accompanied by an adult and able to swim. All swimming and saunas area is at your own risk. Children under 14 pay half price (50/75).

Can drop-in be canceled during holidays and so?

It is very rare that we cancel the drop-in, and if we do, we post info on our Facebook page. But again, this almost never happens. We are open on holidays and so.

Can I drink alcohol in the sauna?

Alcohol is allowed in moderate amounts in the sauna when you have a private booking (not a drop-in). It is not allowed to drink alcohol in the area outside the saunas. Sauna master has an authority to ask you to leave if he sees you being visibly intoxicated. NB: all bathing and use of the sauna is at your own risk. We do not recommend alcohol with ice bathing and sauna.


Become a member and get a discount on yearly and season passes, and gift cards. Membership costs 100 NOK a year. Can be purchased here.

Do you have a season pass?

YES! We sell season and yearly pass. Come as often as you want to the drop-in for 4 months for 1300 NOK (member price is 1000 NOK). Yearly pass(valid 365days from a purchase date) is 2800 NOK (member price is 2500 NOK). Can be purchased on our website.

We love our regular guests🔥

Do I have to post a picture on Instagram and use #oslobadstuforening?

It is voluntary! But we will be very happy. In addition, we can promise you many likes 😉

Visitation rules

Follow the instructions from the sauna master. Especially what is said about security. Use towel on the bench.

Do not swim alone. Always be with someone.

Only fresh water from the tap on the stove. Tell the sauna master if more fresh water is needed.

Show respect for other guests.

Sauna master may deny access to persons visibly intoxicated.

If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or sleepy – leave the sauna immediately.

Guests who do not follow the visitation rules will be asked to leave.

Enjoy the view and yourself!