Bademaschinen 1


Wardrobe, shower, drinking water

16 persons

Member NOK 2700. Non-member NOK 3000*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

One of Oslos coolest (warmest) saunas!

Welcome to Bademaschinen! This facility is soooo unique! Located on Langkaia in Bjørvika, opposite the opera house, with a perfect view!

Bademaschinen consists of two large saunas, as well as associated changing rooms for each sauna, jumping and diving towers, and one square. For private bookings you rent one of the two saunas (you can of course rent both if you wish). The two different saunas are called: Bademaschin 1 and 2 (Now you are on the page of Bademaschin 1).

Each of the bathing machines (saunas) takes up to 16 people on private booking. Bademaschin 1 has a view of the Opera and the Deichman Library (Bademaschin 2 has a view of the Main Island).

You have the sauna for two hours, and there is a sauna master nearby who can assist if needed. There is a shower on the pier. Remember two towels and swimwear, and preferably a drinking bottle (we have water). Two towels = one to sit on and one for swimming. 2 hours = including change time. 15 minutes before your booking is over you have to start changing.

A membership can easily be purchased here at our webpage, and it costs NOK 300 per year.

Welcome to a unique experience in Oslo’s BEST sauna