FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Before your stay

Is the water in the fjord OK when its raining?

YES! During normal rain, the water in the fjord is perfectly safe. If heavy rain, you should wait 24 hours. We then recommend you a refreshing shower.

What do I have to bring?
Two towels and swimwear. Two towels = one to sit on in the sauna, and one for swimming. Preferably a drinking bottle. We have water.

What is important to remember in winter?
There are several things that are good to think about when you are going to take a sauna and swim in winter.
We recommend bringing something to wear on your feet, such as wool socks or sandals.

It can be icy and slippery on the sauna rafts, depending on the weather.
Preferably gloves and a hat as well. Bring warm, dry clothes for after the sauna session.
Never bathe alone. If you are new to winter bathing, it can be nice to take short baths at the start. And last but not least – remember to breathe!

Do you provide towels and slippers

We don’t rent out towels, so you need to bring your own.

Slippers are not mandatory, but we recommend to bring as the showers are outside

Is there access to a shower?

Yes! We have a cold fresh water shower.

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, we have simple wardrobes, for changing and storing clothes, bags and the like

Are there lockers?

There are some lockers for valuables at Sukkerbiten and at Langkaia. You must bring your own padlock.

Do you have drop-in?

We have drop-in in the shared saunas daily, but it is often fully booked. We do recommend you to pre-order shared sauna, as it can get fully booked.

Buy a ticket: https://oslobadstuforening.no/en/sok-dropin/

How far in advance can I order?

Tickets for the shared sauna/dropin can be bought 21 days before.

If the times do not appear in the calendar, it is fully booked.

Private bookings can be booked up to 1 year in advance.

Can companies book a private sauna?

Yes! The companies can either order online https://oslobadstuforening.no/en/bestill-tid/ 

or contact us at post@oslobadstuforening.no

How long is the rental period for a private sauna?

2 hours = including change time. 15 minutes before your booking is over, you will be asked to leave the sauna to change.

How do I pay?

When you place an order, your credit/debit card is charged.

Do you have waiting list?

We have no waiting list. If there are cancellations, the online booking system is automatically updated. 

Is there a waiting list for monthly pass subscriptions?

No, but you can add yourself to the mailing list by pressing “buy monthly pass” at https://oslobadstuforening.no/en/arskort-sesongkort/ 

At the sauna

Should I take off my glasses when I’m in the sauna?

Eye glasses don’t tolerate the heat of the sauna, so leave them in the wardrobe.

Is it allowed to talk in the sauna?

Some people like silence in their sauna and some like to chat. If you are going to talk, then make it light and relaxing.

Can I use essential oils in the sauna?

Ask the other guests before using oils. Some people are allergic, and we therefore have some saunas that are fragrance-free.


Can we drink alcohol in the sauna?

Shared sauna/dropin

Alcohol is not allowed in the  shared sauna/dropin (except at Kroloftet, where you can buy alcohol in the bar Kruttverket, which is located opposite the sauna). 

Private booking

You can bring along a maximum 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine/bubbles per person when you have private booking. At the Svarttrosten at Kroloftet, you are not allowed to bring your own (you can, however, shop from the bar).

Safety is important and our sauna masters have the right to ask visibly intoxicated guests to leave the area. 

Age limit?

We have no age limit, but children must be accompanied by an adult. Children who participate must be able to swim. All bathing and sauna is at your own risk.


How much does membership cost?

As a member, you get a reduced membership price for shared saunas, private saunas and monthly passes. It costs NOK 300 a year to be a member. Membership is valid for a calendar year.

Changens and cancellation?

Can I change or cancel my booking?

You can change your time yourself up to 48 hours before your reservation for a shared sauna and up to 72 hours for a private booking. The booking can be changed by canceling the existing booking and creating a new one.

Single tickets for shared saunas/dropin  are not refundable. 

Rental of a private sauna: if canceled up to 72 hours before your reserved sauna time, 50% of the amount can be refunded, or you can get 100% of the amount paid as a credit note. Send cancellation to post@oslobadstuforening.no

Lost and found

We keep all the items we find for a few days. Drop in during opening hours and the staff will help you look for what you’ve lost. We do not have a list of lost items.