Shower, drinking water.

18 persons

Member NOK 3200. Non-member NOK 3500*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

Our newest sauna!

The entire facility is located on Langkaia in Bjørvika, together with the sauna village there. You have a good view of the opera.

This sauna is beautiful and completely unique!

The benches are placed so that you have good contact with the others in the room, while at the same time you get a good view of the fjord with windows in three directions.

The sauna is wood-fired, and we have a freshwater shower and drinking water.

There will always be a sauna master available if you need help.

You can easily purchase a membership here at the webpage and it costs NOK 300.

When you rent the sauna private, you have it for two hours including time for changing. 15 minutes before your booking is over, you will be asked to change.

The sauna was designed by architects and KOI Fargestudio was responsible for the color design.