Shower, wardrobe, drinking water. Restroom on land

12 persons

Member NOK 2200. Non member NOK 2500*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

Skarven is a design sauna!

This sauna was opened by the city’s bishop. Skarven was a candidate for Oslo City’s Architecture Prize 2019.

This sauna is a good place to be, both outside and inside, and a place where you are in close contact with the elements – preferably when the elements show their freshest side. Seahorses, mermaids and mermen are most welcome. It has a diving board on the roof.

You rent the raft for twohours including time for changing.15 minutes before your booking is over, you will be asked to leave the sauna to change.

When you rent Skarven, there will always be a sauna master nearby to assist if needed.

The Skarven takes up to 12 people on private booking.

WELCOME to a unique experience!