Kroloftet, Svartdalen

Shower, wardrobe, drinking water, cold tub

14 persons

Member NOK 2200. Non members NOK 2500*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

Welcome into the wild!

Is located at Kroloftet, in Svartdalen along the Alnaelva river.

It has a wardrobe, shower and cold water basin. The sauna has a large window, where you can look out over the river and the primeval forest in Svartdalen. Meditative!

Svarttrosten is the architect’s design, and you sit on 3 levels. Regular guests of Oslo Badstuforening say this is one of our best saunas.

There is room for up to 14 people in Svarttrosten on private booking.

Even though the sauna is centrally located in Oslo, you will feel like you are in the forest. The easiest way to get to Svarttrosten is to take the subway to Brynseng, bus 37 to Etterstad Vest or bus 34 to Kværnerbyen. All modes of transport require a 10-minute walk.

You rent the sauna privately for two hours, including changing time (15 minutes before your booking is over you will be asked to change).

NB: Svarttrosten is located in the area of ​​the Kruttverket bar, which has a concession grant “sjenkebevilgning”. It is therefore NOT allowed to bring drinks with you. Kruttverket (Oslo’s coziest bar?) is open, and it is possible to bring drinks from the bar to the sauna.

Welcome to an experience in Oslo’s virgin forest!