Mobile sauna at Isdammen

At Isdammen

Shower and drinking water. Toilet.

10 persons

NOK 2000 for members. NOK 2300 for non-members*

*2 hours for private sauna

Find available time and order:

Welcome to the mobile sauna at Isdammen

Welcome to our green mobile sauna, now located at Isdammen.

The sauna sits by the gateway to the Lillomarka woodland, right by the water – the ideal location for a refreshing swim in beautiful surroundings.

Inside the sauna, the seating is in placed in a semicircle, so that sauna-goers face each other. This makes for great atmosphere and pleasant get-togethers.

Remember to bring swimwear, two towels, a drinking bottle for water, and water shoes(optional). Drinking water, basic shower facilities and bathrooms are close by.

The sauna at Isdammen is accessible on foot and by bicycle, bus or car. The closest parking space is at Årvoll.

You rent the sauna privately for two hours, including changing time. The price is NOK 2000 for members, and NOK 2300 for non-members. Membership can be purchased on this website (purchase before booking to have discount apply).

Welcome to a unique sauna experience in the woods!