We have sauna rituals every week! Highly recommended!

What is a sauna ritual?
A guided quiet sauna session, where you use all your senses. Herbs, fragrance and steam from the oven are often used. The body is alternately exposed to heat and cooling. Some rituals have elements of meditation and stretching.

We have rituals at different locations, led by our own sauna masters. The rituals start on time!

When and where?
Regular rituals at:
Langkaia (Bademaschinen) every Wednesday and Friday at 17.30-19.00.

Sukkerbiten every Monday at 1230 and every Wednesday at 1700, meditation and relaxation rituals

Langkaia- Mondays from 17.30-19.00, stretching

Kroloftet- ritual at every new and every full moon.

Sometimes we invite external instructors, this is announced in advance.

Monthly passes are not valid for rituals.

Price:Members NOK 200 , and non-members NOK 300 .