Wardrobe, freshwater shower, drinking water. Restroom on land

Universal design, room for two wheelchairs

22 persons

Members NOK 4200. Non-members NOK 4500*

*for 2 hours when you order private sauna

Find available time and order:

Oslo’s new masterpiece!

This large sauna is in a class of its own. Trosten combines stylish architecture with universal design, so that even more people can use our saunas.

Trosten was nicknamed “Munch’s baby” during the construction process in 2023/2024. It was designed by Estudio Herreros, who also designed the Munch Museum. Outside the sauna is clad in green, recycled aluminium.

Inside the sauna, the lower bench can easily be pushed in to make room for two wheelchairs. Electric fans provide good heat in the whole sauna room. Heating cables in the outdoor areas, railings and an automatic door opener make the sauna user-friendly.

The external amphitheater is adapted for wheelchairs in the first row. It has railings to lean on. The large amphitheater is open to everyone who comes to the pier.

The sauna master welcomes and informs you when you arrive. The sauna is rented for two hours including changing time. 15-20 minutes before your booking is over, you will be asked to change.